Testimonials from Our Authors

Michelle Richardson


From Surviving to Thriving 7 Simple Steps to Help You Live a Life You LOVE!

‘From Surviving to Thriving – 7 Simple Steps to Help You Live a Life You LOVE!’ addresses how the dynamics of our fast-paced world often dampen our zest for life and shares 7 Thriving Strategies which, when implemented, guide you to take control and live an absolutely fabulous life. If you are ready to break free from your hectic, stressful life, my book will help you create a clear path from where you are to living a life you love on your terms. By implementing the strategies introduced in my book, you will gain clarity about what is most important in terms of experiencing more happiness, less stress, more joy, and better relationships. Your life will have more meaning and be more fun; it will be filled with more of the things you really want and fewer ‘shoulds’. You will have more energy to live life to the fullest as a result of taking the steps outlined. You will have the opportunity and be provided with essential tools to experience life as it is meant to be lived… with passion, purpose and freedom.

Based on my extensive work in the areas of success, leadership and personal evolution, as well as my own triumphs, challenges and learning, the tools and concepts shared within its pages are designed to help you thrive despite external circumstances. Through Coaching thousands of people and many businesses since 1992, and my life experience and education, I share proven, valuable resources and strategies that will help you enjoy a deep sense of passion, purpose, success and fulfillment. A journey of self-discovery and intentional action, it provides a foundation upon which to design and live a life you love.

After 10 highly successful, and at times stressful, years in the corporate world and a subsequent sabbatical due to a personal crisis, I founded Momentum Works Inc., a Coaching Business, with a Vision of having a profoundly positive impact in the world. I am wholly committed to live an inspired, balanced, meaningful life and I have a strong desire and intention to assist others in doing the same; my book is one of the ways that I accomplish this. By applying the tools and concepts in my book, I and many others have actualized personal goals, achieved lifelong dreams, and overcome significant challenges. I have a great sense of pride in myself and from my family and friends as a result. It is extremely gratifying to know that so many people have enjoyed meaningful success and benefitted in countless ways as a result of having read my book and applied the 7 Thriving Strategies in their lives. I experience a deep sense of fulfillment and reward knowing that I have positively impacted so many people around the world.

My business, Momentum Works Inc., continues to thrive while attracting exciting new opportunities for Speaking Engagements and Coaching opportunities, as well as stimulating interest through television and radio exposure about Living Life Inspired! I have created a weekend retreat based on my book; held in a beautiful, serene setting, it is designed to help people internalize and implement the 7 Thriving Strategies and go ‘From Surviving to Thriving’ in their life. My group Coaching Program “From Surviving to Thriving in 30 Days” is another way that I bring my message to the world. Being a published author continually provides new avenues for me to realize my Vision of having a profoundly positive impact in the world and live my life’s Calling ‘To Evoke Greatness on a Global Scale’. My book has increased my potential to have a global impact and play a larger role in creating the world I envision and want to live in.

Bob Burnham has helped me in a few key ways in the process of publishing my book. First, through his workshop “How to Write and Publish a Book in 40 Days”; this workshop helped me get my ideas and strategies down in a quick and effective manner. Second, he reviewed my content for possible publication and agreed to publish my book. His belief in me and my book was valuable. Finally, Profits Publishing provided me with the support I wanted to get my book edited, looking great, and published with global distribution.

I believe everyone has expertise that is of value to others and writing a book is a great way to share that knowledge. I recommend that anyone who has a desire to write a book do so. It is a huge accomplishment and a credibility and self-esteem booster that can open up new doors and better opportunities. Sharing what you know is a gift to your readers and to you.

Malcolm K. Smith


Spiritual Chemistry

My book 'Spiritual Chemistry' is about the interaction of spiritual energy with the physical world. It is based on information I have channeled from Angels and Spirit Guides. The information I was given seemed very relevant to this particular time on planet Earth with its mysteries such as crop formations, light orbs in digital photos and images miraculously appearing on a variety of surfaces. If you find these mysteries interesting then I think you will find my book interesting. It offers explanations, not only of the above phenomena, but of miracles that occur in our human bodies and in the natural world of which most of us are not even aware.

It is a 'The Way Things Work' type of book, but it's different in that it describes the way spiritual things work. From its succinct format you can discover the following:

  • The universal energy that condenses to form Angels, Guides and humans. How humans experience this power as spiral love energy which makes its way to Earth through the sun and planets.
  • The spiritual mechanism of human birth; how spiral love energy can heal humans and animals.
  • Tetrahedron (pyramid) focusing of spiral energy; how energy gathered by tetrahedral carbon atoms transmutes elements and sustains humans, animals and plants.
  • The relationships between Angels, Guides and humans; communication between dimensions of existence.
  • The human quantum field as the home of the human spirit; the connection between the cosmic lattice and human creativity and how humans create their reality via the law of attraction powered by spiral love energy.
  • How mysteries such as orbs, miracles, spiritual printing and crop formations convey the Angels' message of love, peace and a perfect life for all humans.

I have found writing this book immensely rewarding. It has given me great personal satisfaction in completing what originally appeared to be an impossible task. I have been able to help many people by providing information relevant to their well being. Being the author of a published book has given me a new credibility in my social life and I am regarded as an expert in spiritual circles where I am invited to give talks about the material in my book. My financial situation has benefited from the unexpected additional income every time I sell a book; people frequently order two or three copies as gifts for friends.

For several years I had been trying to write and publish a book but I realized in 2008 that I had hit a mental road block in my efforts and I was about to give up on my impossible dream. Coincidentally that was when a friend told me about Bob Burnham's writing seminars. I attended one and I could see the road block crumbling with Bob's simple, practical approach. Eighteen months and two more seminars later I had the book written and on its way to publication. My impossible dream had become reality thanks to Bob.


Gobinder Gill


Achieving Prosperity through Diversity

Businesses are at the crossroads of a new economic phenomenon - new immigrant professionals will be the driving workforce in the modern Western business world.

Astute business leaders today realize that cultivating diversity in the workplace will enhance productivity and profitability. In an increasingly global market, understanding different cultures and viewpoints is the key to achieving excellence in workplace relationships, recruitment and performance.

Yet it's easier said than done. The million dollar question remains: How does a company bring employees from diverse cultural backgrounds together to improve both productivity and profitability?

Achieving Prosperity through Diversity provides rare insights and practical advice on how to recruit, train and retain a diverse workforce. In addition, it also offers realistic advice on how to make in-roads and retain diverse customer base. It is an invaluable guide to anyone who recognizes cultural diversity as a vital component to their organization's success.

This book is ideal for:

  • Human resources personnel who want to improve diversity representation in their company
  • Executives responsible for maintaining your company's competitive advantage
  • Managers who want more cohesive workings groups
  • Sales people interested in tapping into ethnic markets at home
  • Employees or managers who want to improve working environment and on-the-job employees satisfaction
  • Job seekers wishing to avoid and/or prevent discrimination, bias, and stereotyping in the job search process.

In addition, the book also offers tips for new immigrants trying to break into the workforce in the western world. As well, it discusses business etiquette in different cultures and offers tips for westerners working abroad.

By writing this book, I have gained greater creditability in my field: even though I have dealt with diversity and cultural awareness training issues for large part of my 25 year career in the mainstream and ethnic media. Achieving Prosperity through Diversity has become a resume! Through my company, Workforce Transcreations, I am now able to hold workshops, seminars, and one-to-one consultations for companies of all sizes who wish to cultivate greater harmony and prosperity in their workplaces.

In a relative short time frame, Bob Burnham gave me clear and concise directions in the process of writing as well as publishing my book. Plus he helped me carefully choose the correct title and the front cover because after all, it is the name and the look of the book that draws many readers.

I would highly recommend everyone to write a book because we all have unique and aspiring stories within us. Whether your story is about losing weight or becoming more spiritual, it is important to share that with others who may become inspired or motivated to change their lives. Good luck.


Diane C. Doyle


How to Journal for Hope and Happiness : Journey to the Christian Heart in 5 Simple Steps

Journaling will transform your life! Combine this with the power of the Holy Spirit in prayer and you are guaranteed to have hope and happiness every day. Follow these 5 simple steps-Meditate, Contemplate, Activate, Liberate, and Celebrate-to live a life of authenticity, balance, and encouragement. "How to Journal for Hope and Happiness: Journey to the Christian Heart in 5 simple steps" is an easy-to-read book that will have you journaling in no time. Diane C. Doyle uses scripture and sketches to hone in on the benefits of journaling and shares examples, exercises, and personal notes to support your journey. Stop, journal, and FEEL the positive benefits that journaling will have in all areas of your life! Learn how in this inspired book.

If you have a passion, write about it. If you don't know where to start then Bob Burnham can give you the support that you need.

I knew I wanted to write a book and started looking in to resources. I was so pleased to find an evening workshop that Bob Burnham was putting on in our local community called How to write and publish your book in 40 days. This was a good start but I really benefited from the 1-1 mentoring and all day workshop to keep my motivation and enthusiasm moving forward. Bob was able to connect me with key resources so that I could be successful in writing my book and using it as a strategy to create additional business.

I have been able to do what I love since I have launched my book, How to Journal for Hope and Happiness. This is teaching people about the benefits of journaling and sharing new tips and techniques to improve the outcomes of journaling. I have booked workshops and retreats across the Lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan all in the last 6 months and I know this is only the starting point. People are loving the workshops that I am providing with the most common complaint being there was not enough time. I focused my first book on Journaling for Christians but have a vision to write a book for each of the workshops I facilitate. Watch for more books in my Dove series focusing on Transitions, Increase Creativity, Adventures of self discovery and Life Purpose.

Write a book if you have that desire in your heart and focus on your authentic self. The topic and process will become clear as you begin your journey. My confidence has soared since I have written the book "How to Journal for Hope and Happiness" because I can now say my expertise is in journaling for personal growth and development. Before I wrote the book I felt mediocre in all the different areas of my life. Now I have this small gem that has opened so many doors and changed my life for the better. If you are ready for a change then make that decision and combine it with one small step towards writing a book. You will rediscover hope in your life.


Romana Van Lissum


How to Be a Waitress and Make Big Tips

In a nutshell, my book is the money-making waitress book for beginners and pros. It helps all servers to improve their customer service skills and offers endless tips in all areas of the serving industry. By putting these tactics into play, a server will notice their tips automatically increase on their very next shift! This book teaches you to be a well-rounded, dynamic, money-making server.

I spent fifteen years waitressing in a successful strip bar. If you're interested in getting an insider's look into what happens behind the scenes, you'll be shocked and entertained after reading my bonus chapter, "100 of Romana's Unforgettable Customers."

By putting my book into print, I am automatically considered the expert in my field. Friends and family introduce me as an author and this subject is of great interest to new people I meet. While I am fairly new to being a newbie author, I know that at some point some important doors will open for me.

I see the opportunities I'm attracting because of my book. I am part of a Women's Am Group that meets every month and I have been approached as to whether I would be interested in being a guest speaker sometime next year.

Recently, I held a book launch fundraiser and a press release was published in our local paper. It is because of this press release that people in the community are noticing my name and face. The fundraiser was a huge success where I raised $2300.00 for the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Christmas Hamper Society.

Being an entrepreneur has opened up a new world for me. Instead of hanging out with bar industry folk on a regular basis, I now socialize with other entrepreneurs and business people. Quite a few bar owners and friends of bar owners have now purchase copies of my book for their staff.

Putting the book together was easy for me; a personal passionate project that took me two and a half years to complete. So my obstacle wasn't in getting my book finished. I was scared of the unknown publishing process. Bob was extremely helpful and with his fantastic team of people, my cover was designed exactly the way I wanted and the manuscript went through the editing process easily. Before I knew it, I had my galley proof in my hand and that was an exciting moment for me!

In my many conversations with people about writing my book, most of them comment to me that they have always wanted to write their own book but don't know how to go about it. I respond with, "If you can have a conversation, you can write a book." I am quick to write down Bob's website and contact information to help this wanna-be author.

Anyone and everyone that is interested in writing a book should do so. It is an experience of a lifetime and you grow as a person. You are able to wear the "author hat" and that impresses many people which in turn can open some very valuable doors for you!


Ronaye Ireland


How to Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses

This book will help you find the very best boarding stable for your horse ensuring that your horse is healthy, happy and safe. Best of all, it will give you peace of mind. You can benefit from my extensive research and experience spanning the past 10 years, as new horse owner, boarder, facility designer, builder, and barn owner. I will take you on a journey from choosing the right boarding style, to what to look for in a facility, to the actual moving day.

You'll learn about what your horse needs, how to uncover hidden expenses and create a realistic budget, what business practices can harm or benefit you and your horse, how to spot the signs of stress in a barn, transitioning from one barn to another and herd integration, feed and feeding routines, cleanliness, organization, often overlooked hazards, safety, insurance, boarding fees, contracts and application processes, to choosing the right hauler, and much much more.

By the time you've finished reading this book you will know what questions to ask and things to look for in a boarding stable. Whether you are a parent, new to horses or a seasoned horse owner, you will be empowered with the confidence and knowledge you need to choose the right stable for your horse,

It's raised the profile of my horse boarding business. I've also found Tack Shops quite happy supporting me with book signings and carrying my book into their store. Plus I've been able to set up my first couple of workshops with a local school who is quite excited with my subject.

Things are much under development, but being a published author has definitely changed people's perception of me. There is an instant respect level which is allowing me to engage into opportunities which would have been much harder before.

My personal goal is to promote better living conditions for horses and my next book is intended for barn owners. Just the other day I attracted the interest of the director of health and safety who deals with a number of boarding stables. We are looking at how we can support each other in our goals, which I think is awesome.

I already had written my book a couple of years ago and published it as an eBook. Bob enabled me to get my book in print which has made a huge difference to how people approach me now. I've read Bob's book and it was a complete confirmation of what I already had been doing for the past couple of years with a program I followed in LA. It was actually very nice to find someone so close by who followed the same leaders and principles. So, if you're thinking about taking Bob's approach I would highly recommend you do, because it definitely works.

If you have a passion, something that you know a lot about, or some unique skill that you feel others would greatly benefit from, yes, I would definitely say "go for it".


Alice Maryniuk


Thinking for a Change

This book challenges you to the very core by confronting your belief system. It is full of examples, techniques, insights and questions to clarify priorities and confront issues. The topics include practical tips for changing yourself, your health, your accomplishments, your relationships and your finances. The steps are easy to follow and anyone who is committed to doing the exercises will greatly benefit and see transformations take place. You will discover how to achieve targeted breakthroughs, confront negative thinking, turn obstacles into stepping stones, and master proven strategies. Alice writes with feeling, compassion, and common sense. Her experience keeps your attention and is easy to relate to. Her stories will encourage you that you can accomplish great things and overcome barriers, just like she did. She will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. The compact size of this book makes it an easy read for people who don't have a lot of time.

Although I have 14 years experience teaching these concepts, being a published author has opened doors for me and has given me credibility. I am able to give prospective clients my book to help them decide if I am a good fit to come and speak to their organization. When I deliver free sessions I now have books to sell to make my time worth while.

Bob Burnham has encouraged me that my material was worth publishing. He gave me helpful tips to make my book more marketable. He showed me how to put my book on Amazon and how to sell it on my website. I would highly recommend others to write a book who feels they have information that they need to contribute.


Debra Dimas


Kicking: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

The book describes my personal journey back to wellness. Not just a way to live with the debilitating illness or a way to manage my life but a way to actually have my health and vitality back within my control. In a very clean and easy to follow format, I describe what steps you would need to complete and how to get the help that you will need. Based on the research of Professor Garth Nicolson, I was able to determine that I was infected with several microorganisms that contributed to keeping me ill. After taking the recommended antibiotic treatment regime, I was again able to join the rest of the world in living a full and productive life. As a nurse, it was easy for me to provide the support and structure required to get better. All my tips and pearls of wisdom are offered up in the book.

I know that if you are suffering from one of these terrible illnesses, then by reading my book you will gain valuable information on how to get better. It also details the support that is required for your body in order to maintain a lengthy treatment protocol. In addition, you will see from the inserts how I was able to manage along the way.

Writing a book for me was really about offering as many people as possible the tools that they would need to improve their own health. I know if I was able to get better then others can too. Personally, it has provided me with so much more than I could have ever believed. I have increased my credibility with my clients and peers. It has brought me wealth and an expanded purpose for sharing my story.

Working with Bob has been a real pleasure. From his inspirational lectures, down-to-earth strategies, and knowledgeable support has helped to turn writing a book from an idea into a reality. It has been such a positive experience, I am writing another one to add to The Kicking Series.

If you have a story to share then you too should think seriously about writing a book. It is a great way to increase your professional and personal profile while increasing your wealth.