There are of course, hundreds if not thousands of reasons to write a book and I have no doubt that you have a book inside of you just begging to be released.  Here are three amazing benefits to releasing that book and setting it free for others to enjoy and learn from.

1.  You Will Have The Ability To Touch People’s Lives.  
Think back to the last time you helped someone.  Maybe you held the door open for a person with their arms full and children in tow.  Maybe you let a harried driver merge in front of you, even though you really didn’t have to.  Do you remember how you felt when you took those small steps to help out?

What if you could produce a work that significantly touched the lives of your readers?  As a writer, you have the ability to touch others through your words and your knowledge.

Imagine if you were to write a practical how-to book on getting out of debt.  Now we all know that someone in debt probably doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spend, but perhaps they are looking for an answer that will help them to regain control over their lives.  Suppose they look to you for that answer and using their money, which isn’t plentiful, they take a risk and purchase your book. 

Now suppose these same individuals use the strategies noted in your book to legally and ethically get themselves out of debt.  Do you know how significant this is?  The information that you provided could literally give someone a new start in life.

Tell me this: In what other way could you possibly reach out and help these individuals?  How would you ever come to know them or their situation?  How would they know you?  As an author, your book is available around the world and you can reach people that you would otherwise never even know.  In helping others, you will feel good in knowing that you are changing lives one reader at a time.

2.  Doors will open automatically. 
When you write your own book, you will open doors that you never even thought possible.  In addition to becoming an expert, and possibly adding to your business a consulting and/or public speaking career, you will receive the thrill of seeing your name in the media.

When you become an author, be ready for the attention that comes with the job.  You can get offers from magazines, newspapers, television and radio shows to be interviewed.  After becoming an author, you will find a marked increase in your business by virtue of the many different doors that will now be open to you.

Holding your own book in hand is as good as the key to an unlocked door.  What’s behind the door?  Your future, of course.  So, why keep it waiting?  Unlock the key to your potential and enjoy the road to success.  You’ve earned it!

3.  Makes You Dream Bigger.
Eighty-one percent of our population believes they have a book inside of them but very few will realize their dream of actually writing it. It is such a tragedy because once you finish your book and see the opportunities that come to you your dreams will become much bigger.

After you have written your book, and continue to stay in touch with others who have gone through the same process, you will be introduced to all sorts of dreams bigger than you could have ever imagined before you wrote your book. You will find that one opportunity will lead to the next, and the next, with each dream being bigger than the last.

You will have opportunities from both like-minded people you attract through your book, as well as the opportunities of the authors that will help you to see the bigger opportunities that have been presented to them. You of course will also have all the media-related opportunities that can spin off to any number of the unseen dreams not available in the past.

As an author you are only limited by your own mind to dream big. You will find that by the virtues of author hood that big dreams will present themselves in many ways to you if you are open to receiving them.

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