Your book is done.  It’s published.  You’ve listed it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You’ve established a website and you’re all ready to make tons of money, expand your horizons and opportunities, and reach the goals that you have established for your life. 

Your work is done, right? 

Not quite

Are you really going to stop here?  Are you going to let tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of dollars pass you by?

I hope not.  Your book is only the top of a very lucrative iceberg.  Your very own information marketing empire!  What you do after you write and publish your book is your fork in the road.  It is the decision that will separate you from the authors that choose to hide and not profit from their hard work.

What do I mean by hide and not profit?

In today’s market, there is a big difference between Unsuccessful and Broke Authors and Successful and Rich Authors and that is:

Unsuccessful and Broke Authors think they are in the writing business.
Successful and Rich Authors know that they are in the marketing business. 

Unsuccessful and Broke Authors think they will make money from royalties
Successful and Rich Authors make money from repackaging their book information and selling it as seminars, home study courses, CD’s, coaching and consulting and many other products because they know that the book is just the start like a business card.

Broke authors can make money from royalties but the chances of getting rich are almost the same chances as winning a lottery. Rich authors know you can become rich from selling your information in different formats beginning with your book.

Why Build an Information Marketing Empire?

  1. People learn differently.  Some learn by watching and others learn by hearing or actually going through the motions.  When you provide your information in a variety of mediums, you’re respecting these learning styles and you’re broadening your customer base and you’re broadening your audience appeal.
  1. People are more likely to buy from you again and again, if they liked their previous purchase and received benefit from it.  This is why it is important to provide only quality products.
  1. As you increase your product line, you can offer a variety of cost levels.  For example, if your book costs $30 that is a great entry level price but some people may be interested in spending more to receive more.  This is when offering a seminar or consulting services can meet the needs of the customers with the larger budget.  By offering a variety of price points, you’re broadening your target market.
  1. More products gives people the perception that you are more than the expert in your field, you are the guru.  You are the single best person to go to because you offer so many products in your niche field. 
  1. Not everyone will want to, or be able to, spend $3000 but if you present a product line, you have presented them with numerous alternatives.  It’s like going to a bike store that only sells $7000 bikes or a bike store that only sells $300 bikes.  These stores have a limited product line and will thus have a limited clientele.  Customers only searching for really expensive or cheap bikes. 

On the contrary, a bike store that sells bikes ranging in price from $300 to $7000 will have a much broader clientele.  This is the way that your information product line will work too.  If you only sell a book for $30 or you only sell consulting services for $3000 you will have a significantly limited clientele.  But if you offer a variety of price points and products your clientele will have more options and you’ll have a larger group of paying customers. 

What path are you going to take?  Have you decided?  I hope that you choose to use your book as a stepping stone onto the path of wealth and personal satisfaction.

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