For most it isn’t easy to make money writing but with a well defined niche and the following three secrets to make money with your writing; you’ll be well on your way to a lucrative writing career.

# 1 Give small bits away for free

This money making secret centers on getting your prospective customers to trust you as an author. It convinces them, by giving them tidbits of quality and beneficial information, that you are indeed a provider of quality and informative content and that purchasing your book would be a wise investment.

You can provide small bits of free information in a variety of ways. If you’re pursuing a career in information marketing then you can use free articles and reports on your niche topic as a way to enhance your credibility.

If you’re establishing a career in creative writing, provide your potential readers with a sample chapter – make sure to end the chapter with a compelling hook so that they HAVE to buy your book right away to find out what happens next.

# 2 Sell the benefit of the content, not the content

Many authors and professionals beginning their writing career via self publishing forget to focus on the benefits of purchasing and reading their book. If you want to sell your book, you must sell the benefits that people will receive by reading it. The most well written and interesting book won’t sell a single copy if there isn’t an expressed benefit to be gained by reading it. Maybe the benefit is as simple as the fact that after you read it, you’ll be smarter. That’s still a benefit and a desire by many.

# 3 Keep writing

By continuing to write you not only get your name out into the world more often, which means that your credibility and expert status continue to rise, you also begin to appeal to a wider audience. Let’s use the example of a professional that has written a small business book. She has written the book and is now considered an expert by the people that are made aware of her book. Likely they’re people that are in the market for small business books, maybe they’re considering opening a business and they need help.

This same professional can expand their income and their awareness if they also write articles for print and online publications. Why? Because many people interested in information about small businesses may start their search online. This online search can lead them to this author’s information and eventually to their book.

If this author also has several books on various small business aspects then they broaden their niche appeal. AND if a customer enjoys and benefits from the first book that they purchase, they are likely to come back and purchase more books by the same author.

It’s easy to make money writing if you focus and utilize the three tips listed in this article. For more information on how to make money writing read the following article on our website Write Yourself Rich in Information Marketing and visit our Make Money Writing Blog.

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