You can have the absolute best book on the planet.  It can solve the world’s problems and provide the secret to life but if no one notices it, it won’t do anyone, including you, any good. 

So how do you get your book noticed?

It’s all in the packaging.  Really, it is.  Would you buy a candy bar in a brown paper wrapper?  Or would you buy a candy bar with a yummy clever name and a picture of the candy bar on the shiny outside wrapper?

The one in the brown paper wrapper may actually frighten you, right?  It will seem suspect and perhaps even perceived as tasting bad before you taste it, even if it is the same candy bar.  This kind of taste test or packing test has been performed hundreds of times and the result is the same.  People perceive the item, regardless of what it is, to be better if it is in an appealing package.  Conversely, people perceive things to be bad if they are wrapped in an unappealing package.

This holds true for books too.  In fact, a book buying decision is made in twenty seconds. What on earth can a person determine about your book in twenty seconds?  What are they looking at?  What are they basing their decision on? 

Your Front Cover.

  1. Your Book title
  2. The Color on your cover
  3. The Graphics on your cover
  4. The Author’s name and credentials

That’s it.  Those four items play an extremely crucial role in your potential reader’s buying decision.

     1.   Book Title and Sub Title.  Your book title has a big job.  It needs to attract interest, it needs to incite curiosity, it needs to make a big promise, it needs to have credibility, and it needs to do all of this without sounding ridiculous—it needs to be believable.  A lot of this can be accomplished by adding a sub title to your book.  In fact, I believe that no book should be without a subtitle.  Let’s look at the title “Eat Away Arthritis.” That alone does attract curiosity and interest; it even gives a big promise.  What it doesn’t completely do is provide credibility or believability.

That’s where the sub title comes in handy.  “Gain relief from the pain and discomfort of arthritis through nature’s remedies.”  This provides credibility and believability.  Now the reader knows exactly how they’re to eat away arthritis and they know the benefit of the book. 

     2.   Colors set the mood for your book.  They attract interest and set the mood for the book.  For example, the eating away arthritis book would sell better if the cover were to have natural colors, the colors of food.  If it’s red and black, it’s likely to give readers the wrong mood/impression of your book.  On the other hand, if you have a book about making millions before your 25 then you don’t want calm neutral colors; you want strong powerful colors that attract attention and demand money and power.  If you are not comfortable with the graphic design aspect of your book, you can consult with your printer or consider hiring an expert through an outsourcing service like Elance.

     3.  Images/graphics.  Like the colors of your book, you also need to take a look at the images that are represented on your cover.  Would you put a picture of an old, arthritic person on your Eating Away Arthritis book cover or pictures of tasty, healthy foods?  The answer is obvious.  Remember to not go overboard with the graphics, they should be the background.  You want people to notice the title and subtitle first and foremost.  The rest is just mood setting.

     4.   Author’s name.  Your name, of course, should be on the cover.  Additionally, you should include any credentials that you have that are relevant to your book.  The arthritis book is written by a naturopathic physician and she includes her credentials after her name because they are extremely relevant.  Additionally, if you don’t have initial credentials, you can simply state your credentials.  If you wrote a book on breeding poodles, you can write John Smith, AKA Standard Poodle breeder for more than 20 years.  The point is to add credibility to your content.

The next time you’re at a bookstore, take a look at the best seller rack.  What do their covers have that attract your eye and convince people to purchase?  What can you use to sell your book?

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