No longer the wave of the future, internet book marketing is an absolute necessity if you want to sell your book. Fortunately, there are many tools available to those interested in self publishing and marketing their book.

Following are three tools to make marketing your book on the internet easier:

Internet Book Marketing Tool # 1 Website.

You absolutely can not get ahead in today’s market unless you have a website. Many commercial authors have a simple one or two page website that can be accessed via their publisher’s website. The website will have a home page that heavily promotes their most current release. It will likely offer a link to a book store for purchase. The second page of the website will likely offer contact information and a brief bio including a list, with brief synopsis, of their other published books.

For the self published author a website is even more important. You need to not only promote your book on your website, you need to sell it. A self published author’s website can offer a variety of pages to their visitor including:

  • Ezine/newsletter subscription
  • Free Articles and/or short stories
  • Bio
  • Sales page
  • Links to stores
  • Shopping cart to purchase directly from the website
  • List of appearances/promotions

Internet Book Marketing Tool # 2 Autoresponder.

An auto responder is simply an email that you can schedule to go out to any email list. It takes the work out of an email marketing campaign. For example, you can create a series of emails to send out every Monday for six Monday’s in a row and then once a month after that. The benefits are that you can write the emails ahead of time and that the email can be sent to any list that you desire.

In this case you can send an email to people that have expressed an interest in receiving information from you, say they signed up for your newsletter or perhaps they have made a purchase from you in the past. Your auto responder messages can be informative, sales or promotional or a mix of the two.

Internet Book Marketing Tool # 3 Blogs and Forums.

When you write a book, presumably you write it for a specific market. Say for example that you write a book on breeding tropical fish. There are blogs and forums dedicated to this topic. Maybe you’re already a frequent poster or contributor to these sites. If you are, be sure to include a link to your book’s website in your signature. If you’re not a member of related forums, become a member and dedicate a certain amount of time each week to visit the site and contribute. If there are no blogs or forums available on your topic, start one!

Whether you’re pursuing a career in writing, becoming an information marketer, or simply want to write a book, internet book marketing and the available tools can not be overlooked as a valuable tool to market and sell your material.

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