Writing a book and beginning a career in writing can be a daunting task. How do you get started? How do you stay motivated, on track, and focused? Here are three rock solid tips to make sure that writing your book is easy and painless:

# 1 Write your title first

Sometimes all that it takes to motivate you to write a book is a killer title. Take it a step beyond simple motivation and know that the key to writing a book quickly and staying focused is to have the title written first. Not just any title but a title that will sell.

Your title has to be strong, it has to be searchable and contain key words, it also has to provide your potential customer a benefit. In the book 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book, we take you through the steps to create a compelling title and subtitle but here’s an example:

How To Train Your Dog To Be The Most Obedient Dog On The Planet
Discover 99 Simple Secrets You Must Take Today
To Create A Loyal, Happy, And Well Behaved Companion.

Your headline must tell your potential customers in a compelling way how they will benefit from your book, how your book will meet their information needs and change their lives. Once you have a focused title, writing the book to meet those needs is significantly easier.

# 2 Write your sales letter or synopsis first

Similarly to writing the title first, writing the sales letter or synopsis first can practically outline the book for you. If you’re writing a non-fiction book then your sales letter will outline exactly what your book speaks on. Many sales letters are several pages long. Enjoy yourself. Sit down and tell potential customers exactly what they’ll gain from purchasing your book. Tell them all of the content that they’ll find inside and then get down to the business of making your sales letter the truth.

If you’re pursuing a career in creative writing, quite often writing your synopsis or a short couple page summary of your story, can make plotting and writing the story significantly easier.

# 3 Outline

In the book 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book we discuss a fantastic tool that I developed to write your book in as little as 30 days. A significant portion of this tool is a proprietary outlining tool that practically writes your book. It’s a seven step system that takes you from 300 empty pages to 300 pages filled with specific questions to answer. As you answer each question, you’re writing your book.

Aside from this technique, creating a detailed outline for your book will help keep you on track and focused. It will also help you to track your progress and keep you motivated. Imagine how satisfying it will be to progressively check off items on your outline as you write them.

Don’t let anything get in your way of achieving your goal to write a book. Choose one or all of these “How to write a book” tips and get started today! Write your title, write your sales page, write your outline and write your book.

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