Publishing and printing your book can cost a bit of money up front. In fact, depending on how you choose to print your book it can cost you anywhere from $3 to $10 per book. Imagine if you could get the cost of printing covered!

Here’s how to self publish a book for free:

Offer links in exchange for advance copies.

Find relevant sponsors that will benefit from affiliating themselves with your book. Say, for example, your book is about tropical fish breeding, you could contact two or three specialty stores offer to highlight them in your book in exchange for a discounted pre-publication bulk order of your book. All it takes is one or two sponsors to agree to this offer and the costs of your printing and marketing are taken care of.

Don’t forget to tell the prospective customer:

  • What your book is about and how it will benefit their customers.
  • How they can utilize your book as a marketing tool to promote their business.
  • Make a copy of your manuscript easily available for them to read so that they can see the benefit of a pre publication book discount.
  • Let them know that you are willing to accommodate them with certain portions of the copy. Meaning that if they would like a few extra paragraphs about their company that you will comply in exchange for the order.
  • The discount that you’re offering. How many advanced copies will you sell and at what price?

Promote products as an affiliate.

There are many companies in the marketplace who have an affiliate program. This means that as an affiliate you get a percentage of any sales that are made because of you. It’s a huge field and many people are able to make a living as affiliate marketers. How does this help you self publish a book? Easy, find one or two reputable companies that relate to your book’s topic. Become an affiliate and create links to those products or companies when you write your book or e-book. As people click on the links and make purchases you’ll make money. This money can pay for the book’s printing and promotion costs.

Self publishing a book doesn’t have to be expensive. By utilizing a few creative tricks you can in fact get others to pay for the production and promotion of your book. It’s a great way to finance a career in writing.

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