Book marketing is the key to how successful your book will be. It begins before you ever set a word on the page and it never ends. Each new edition or new product will be tied to your first book. That being said, here are three tips to effective book marketing:

Book Marketing Tip # 1 Choose Your Title Carefully

A book buying decision is made in less than 20 seconds. That’s not much time to make an impression. Your strongest tool to making a favorable impression on a potential customer is actually the title of your book. The title has to be strong, it has to be searchable and contain key words, it also has to provide your potential customer a benefit. Wow, that’s a lot to accomplish in a few words. Not to worry, with a little time, a little thought and help from friends and associates you can create a title that will sell your book.

Hopefully before you sat down to write a book, you thought about who was going to buy it? Maybe you researched the market and found a niche and you focused your book on solving a problem for that niche. Say, for example that you wrote a book about how to breed tropical fish without spending a fortune. Your title could be “Tropical Fish Breeding”.

Not to catchy but to the point and it definitely has a searchable keyword phrase. You could kick it up a notch and use a favorable “how to” beginning. Maybe “How to Breed Tropical Fish.” Better but not great. Let’s kick it up even more. “How to breed tropical fish like an expert without breaking the bank.”

A subtitle comes in handy as a way to provide additional benefit and keywords. A final title might be.

How To Breed Tropical Fish Like An Expert Without Breaking The Bank
A Step By Step Guide To Simple, Straightforward, And Successful Tropical Fish Breeding .

Come up with several titles and run them by friends, family, and associates. Ask them which title is more dynamic and which title would invite them to make a purchase.

Book Marketing Tip # 2 Ezine Marketing

You can use your own ezine or email newsletter or ezines written by associations and companies in relevant industries to market your book. You can publish articles for your own ezine or you can write articles and submit them to other ezines. Write the articles to the same market that your book is directed to. Give them a taste of what is inside your book and then provide contact information or preferably a link right to your website so that they can learn more and make a purchase.

You can also purchase inexpensive ad space in relevant ezines to market your book. For example, if your book is a small business book, you can purchase ad space in other small business newsletters and link directly to your website.

Book Marketing Tip # 3 Reviews on Amazon

If you decide to sell your book on Amazon, do not forget this critical tip! Reviews are an important part of any e-book promotion campaign. They can be placed on your book’s front or back cover, on your website, in your promotional package, and in your press releases. However, an Amazon review is unique to the website. That isn’t to say that you can’t use it elsewhere but many people, before they make a purchase on Amazon, will stop to read the reviews. If there aren’t any reviews then it can hinder sales. If there are good reviews then a purchase is almost guaranteed.

How do you get reviews on Amazon? You can send your book to associates and ask them to read it and post a review on Amazon. You can email people that have purchased your book and ask for a review in exchange for a free product (you can offer them a free report on a similar topic that you’ve written or that you’ve obtained the rights to).

Effective book marketing doesn’t have to be tricky or advanced, it just has to be organized and well thought out. Begin at the beginning with your book’s title, take steps to get your name and your book out into the public, through ezines, press releases, and other promotional tools, and then take the time to get good reviews both on Amazon and elsewhere. They can make or break a sale!

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