For many, the idea of a career in writing and self publishing seems easy and straightforward until they consider how to market their book. Information marketing is a skill for sure but there are many tips that you can use to help you market your book like an expert.

Book Expert Marketing Tip #1 Website

To market your book like an expert you absolutely must have a website. When almost 80% of the public researches their purchases online before they make a purchase, how else are you going to let your interested public know about your book?

Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with a little research about your market and websites related to your topic, you can determine what you want your website to look and sound like before you even write your book.

Chapter 10 of our book takes you through each and every step of creating a website that will sell your book. We discuss everything from choosing a domain name to how to optimize your website for the search engines and even talk about how to choose shopping cart software.

Book Expert Marketing Tip #2 Carry your book with you

You’d be surprised how often the words “What do you do for a living” come up in daily conversation. In fact, I was out enjoying nature the other day and came across a person that was enjoying the same area along the river. And guess what he asked…Yep. Too bad I didn’t have a copy of my book with me. Funny thing was, he was an author too and he didn’t have a copy of his book with him either.

This trick is especially important if you are using your book as a business card to promote your service. For example you are a psychotherapist and you’ve written a book about how to ease stress from your life. The book isn’t necessarily to make a profit but to drive traffic to your psychotherapy practice. It is a book business card. Now what good is it going to do if you don’t carry a copy of your book with you wherever you go, even if you’re going on a hike?

Book Expert Marketing Tip #3 Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are the proof to others that your book is worth the money it costs. Reviews can be used in your publicity package, in your press release, on your book’s back cover, on your website, and even on your business card. They are a valuable and economic expert marketing tip that you’d be crazy to do without. Visit our website or click on the following link to learn more about secrets to getting rave reviews.

Marketing your book like an expert doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Begin with these three simple e-book marketing tips and you’ll have taken your writing career to a whole new level

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