The dream to become a writer is shared by many but accomplished by few. Why? Because people let time, motivation, and simple organization tasks get in their way. Here are three tips to get past those hurdles and become a writer today!

Tip #1 To become a writer choose your book’s title first

Not only does a powerful book title encourage people to buy your book, it helps you define exactly what your book is about before you write your book. It’s a secret that many use and if you want to become a writer it’s helpful to use every trick in the book to make it easier.

Imagine trying to write a book about organic gardening. How do you create an outline? How do you decide what to write about? Now imagine writing the same book, after you’ve written the book’s title.

10 Simple Steps to the Perfect Organic Garden.
A guide to successful organic gardening in any climate

Now you know exactly how you want to lay out and organize your book. It’s much easier to get started and stay on focus.

The same holds true if you’re working on a career in creative writing. Writing a suspense book about a missing pilot and the mob can be tricky but if you have a captivating title to motivate you, 10 Minutes to Midnight, you’ll practically jump out of bed each morning to write.

Tip #2 To become a writer devote time to writing every day

This may sound like a simple statement, but you’d be surprised how many aspiring authors let time get in the way of them reaching their dreams. Write every day. Come up with a plan. If you write better in the morning, give yourself extra time in the morning to write. If the only time you have is during your lunch at work, then devote each and every lunch to writing. If one lunch gets interrupted, make time later in the day to write. It doesn’t matter if you write a page or a chapter each day but write. It doesn’t even matter if you end up throwing out what you’ve written. Each day, each word brings you closer to completing your book and as they say, practice makes perfect.

Tip #3 To become a writer set a goal

This goes hand in hand with writing every day. You must set a goal, and a plan to achieve it, in order to motivate yourself. If you plan on writing a book of poetry, and decide that 50 poems is your goal, then writing a poem a week will have your book completed in a year. If you want to write a 300 page book then that’s about 30 chapters. A goal of a chapter a day will get your book finished in a month.

When setting your book or e-book writing goals you have two factors:

  1. How long is your book
  2. When do you want your book completed?

It takes roughly 300 words to fill a page and about ten pages per chapter. You can use these rough guidelines to help determine your daily writing goals.

The dream to become a writer starts and ends with you. By sitting down and doing a little planning you make it easier on yourself and more likely that you’ll achieve your dreams and achieve your goal to write a book.

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