So you want to become an author, great. What’s stopping you? Time, money, focus, motivation, no direction, no idea how to get started? I’m just mentioning these because they’re the most common reasons why people don’t attain their writing and publishing goals. Tired of waiting for your dreams to come true?

Here are three simple tips to become an author:

Become an author Tip # 1 Write

You’re probably slapping yourself on your head and saying ‘really?’ write, I wouldn’t have thought about that. So do it. Write something every day. Write an article. Write a short story. Write a sales letter. Write a poem. It may sound simple but the biggest hurdle to becoming an author is actually writing.

How many people do you know that have expressed an interest in becoming an author? The truth is that 80% of us believe that we have a book inside us. What is the difference between you and those other 80%? Nothing, until you write something. That’s absolutely the first step to becoming an author. You can’t do it until you write something.

What’s step number two? Well you have to get your written material published, right? That’s not too difficult either. You can self publish, you can post an article to a website. You can post your short story on forums or writing websites. As soon as your article, poem, book, or short story is published online or in print – you’re an author.

Become an author Tip # 2 Read

Read material that is similar to what you’re writing. If you’re writing romantic short stories, then read a lot of romantic short stories. This will help you know what is being published and read by the current market. It will also help you to develop creative ideas for your stories. If you’re writing a small business book, then read other small business books. Again, it will not only help you see what the market is currently demanding, it will give you organization and formatting ideas for your own book.

Become an author Tip # 3 Learn

Learn about your industry. If you’re self publishing a book then learn as much as you can about the self publishing industry. Trying to enter the field blindly will result in frustration and you’ll risk giving up on your dream to become an author before it happens. If you’re looking to publish traditionally then learn about submission information for relevant publications, publishers, and websites. Learn manuscript formatting for your desired medium; e-books are formatted differently than print books and fiction manuscripts are formatted differently than a book of poetry or a small business book.

Trying to write a book or article and then make it fit the publication and industry guidelines is like trying to get dressed before you take a shower. It just doesn’t work well.

The real key to becoming an author is to focus on your goal. Write every day, read as much as you can about your industry, your competition, your market, and learn the ins and outs and the craft of your chosen genre. Becoming an author is as simple as that.

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