You know that writing a book can further your career, your life, and your financial situation.  The hurdle many people have to overcome is actually getting the book written.  They just don’t have the time.  Well, believe it or not, it is possible to write a book in a week. 

Here are three secrets to getting it done!

Secret #1 Get others to write it for you. 
Ever heard of the Chicken Soup series books?  They’re written by multiple people.  Many, many successful books are written this way.  Here’s how to make it happen.

Step 1.  Decide on a topic that you believe people will benefit from and purchase.
Step 2.  Send an email to everyone you know that is knowledgeable on the subject matter
asking them to contribute to your book.  Offer them free copies of the book as
well as credit and a link to their website or business.
Step 3.  Visit relevant forums and chat groups and find people to contribute to your book
Step 4.  Put it all together and sell it.

Secret #2 Interviews
Send an email to ten experts on your niche subject matter and ask them for interviews.  You can transcribe the recorded interviews into print compile them and publish as a book. 


E-mail 100 people with a printed interview and publish their answers.  Of course will any external contributions you will need to ask permission to publish the content. 

Secret #3 Write a book of niche quotes. 
People love quotes and quote books sell.  Holiday quotes, business quotes, fashion quotes, motherhood quotes etc... the possibilities are endless.  The fantastic thing is that much of the research is done you can collect fantastic quotes online and in your library. 

Secret #4 Use your already written material. 
Many businesses publish regular newsletters.  Collect those newsletters, organize them by theme, and you have a book.  Take it a step further and gather your case studies, articles, reports, white papers, interviews, and other materials into an organized book with an organized theme.  People will appreciate being able to find all of your information in a single source and you can use it as a comprehensive marketing tool to sell yourself and your products and services.

Secret #5 Create a comprehensive directory of relevant information on your subject.  Writer’s Market is a perfect example of a bestselling directory.  Every year the folks at Writer’s Market compile a list of literary agents, publishers, publications, and other writing resources including interviews and articles written by well published authors, respected agents and editors.  This information, depending on the volume, sells for between 25 and 50 dollars and it sells well every year.  You can create a directory of resources for your niche industry too.

Writing a book doesn’t have to take months or years.  It can take as little as a week and it can change your life.

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