Step #1 Write what you know
This, I believe, is the strongest determiner for a topic and for the potential success of your book.  Writing is about sharing knowledge and passions.  If you're an expert on something, then you should share it with the world. 

For example, if you're an expert on dog training, then you should write a book about dog training.  If you're well-versed on the subject of hydroponics and alternative gardening, then your knowledge would be well suited for a “How-To” book on the same subject.

If you are an expert at matchmaking or goal setting, then you likely have enough resources for a book and potentially some very interesting personal anecdotes on the subject matter.

Being an expert on a subject doesn't mean that you know all there is to know about the topic.  You should still consult with other experts to not only have a fresh perspective, but to make sure that you're covering your topic as completely as you can to make the book as valuable to your readers as it can possibly be. 

Step #2 Write about what interests you. 
Now this isn't to say that if you are an expert in basketball but you have an interest in learning to rock climb that you shouldn't write about learning to climb.  You could incorporate your learning process into a book for others that are interested in learning to rock climb.  So writing what you know doesn't necessarily mean that you have to write what you know right now.  You can write about a topic that interests you. 

Step #3 Write what is in demand. 
We are a society that demands constant improvement.  We expect to be able to grow and improve our lives and our station and we often approach this betterment by buying books!

In fact, there are really only a handful of reasons that people buy non-fiction books.

  1. To make money. 
    (If you go to the bookstore, I bet you can find more than 100 books with the word Millionaire in them!  In fact, just think about how popular the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” books are.) 
  1. To save energy or effort. 
    (Quick and Easy Ways to…fill in the blank.  Lose weight, Get Married, Get Divorced…)
  1. To save time.  
    (Sell Your Home in 10 days, 30 Minute Meals…)
  1. To be healthier. 
    (10 Ways to Eat Organically, How to Eliminate Fatigue, How to Manage Stress…)
  1. To be popular, prettier, sexier, smarter, or better at something. 
    (How to Meet Women, How to Be Successful, 10 Days to Better Skin, 10 Days to a Better Sex Life, etc…)
  1. Spiritual guidance. 
    Just look at the recent success of The Secret and its many spin offs!)

Of course your final step, before you set pen to paper, is to research the demand for your book.  For more information on how to research demand to ensure your book is a bestseller, visit

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