What do you want to write about? Is it fiction or non-fiction? How long have you been pondering putting pen to paper?

No matter what you're writing about or how long it's been forming in your mind, today is the day to get started!

Writing your own book will change your life.

1. You Will Be The Expert.
When you write a book, on any subject, you will become the expert on that subject. Why? Because, you had the forethought to put together hundreds of pages of material on that subject.

The silver bullet and fastest way to becoming the expert is for you to write a book. Once you have written your book, you instantly have your expert status and you leapfrog yourself to the front of the line. People will look at you differently and have more respect for you. It almost sounds a little crazy, and doesn't completely make sense, but it is the way in our society that once you have written a book you are now held in a higher regard.

2. You Make More Money.
The good news is that if marketed properly, your book can be the start of a sales funnel, which can generate huge sums of money by selling backend services and information in the same niche. Your book will be the start of a very lucrative sales funnel that could never be matched by a simple business card.

After you have written your book, it will be like a sales person working 24 hours a day promoting your good name. You are paid money for your book and it does the selling for you. Shoppers can purchase your book at anytime, day or night, online or in a bookstore and you need not do anything further. As an author, you can literally make money in your sleep.

3. You Quickly Build A Valuable Customer List.
One of the most unrecognized yet most valuable assets you can have as an author or business is your customer list. Your business' biggest cost can be in the acquisition of customers, but once they are on your list and they have already bought from you, they are like gold to you and your company.

4. You Express What You Have To Say.
When you write a book, you have full control over the contents, especially if you take the preferred route of self-publishing. You are the creator and you can express your points in any way you like. This allows you the freedom to convey your thoughts through words and/or illustrations.

As a writer, you have the ability to create words that paint a picture or spark the imagination of your readers in a way that no other tool can. Words are powerful, as is knowledge, and you can use your book to express both.

5. You Can Help More People.
When you write a book, you have the ability to reach out and help people across the globe. From your next door neighbor to someone who may live thousands of miles away. Your book will have an enormous reach that is capable of stretching out and touching all types of readers from all walks of life. It's not uncommon for people to travel from other states and even countries to hear an expert speaker give a seminar or host a public speaking event, which means your potential customer base is unlimited.

6. You Will Gain Instant Credibility.
When you write a book, you gain instant credibility with both customers and colleagues. People will believe you, trust you and be eager to work with you. A book will distinguish you from every other professional within your field because, to put it simply, few can say that they are published authors.

7. You Will Tap Into Your Creative Genius.
You were born a creative genius but you have likely been inadvertently led astray. Too many people have told us that writing a book is some magical power saved for only the most intelligent of our species. This could not be further from the truth. In fact too much thinking can block you from being a good writer. When you write a book, you will automatically tap into your creative side by just being yourself and communicating the same way you talk. Your creative genius is in the conversations you have with your closest friends. You will only stifle your creative genius when you try to overthink what you are writing about and write above people's heads.

8. You Will Gain Valuable New Skills.
If you have not written a book before, then you will learn many new skills as well as realize that you have skills you are not even aware. Perhaps writing a book will be your first publishing venture. You may know a lot about a particular subject, but learning how to get it published is an experience in its own right.

9. You Will Leave A Legacy.
As an author, you will create a legacy for both yourself and your family. If your children are young, they will one day learn to appreciate the hard work that you put forth to create something you can leave behind. If they are grown, they will have come to know you as a parent and as a dedicated professional. It's possible that they may even choose the same path or, at least, the same industry after having witnessed your dedication.

10. A Book Can Help You Increase Sales.
Done right, your book can be a huge sales producing bonanza helping everyone that you come in contact with. Remember, it is an expanding abundant universe. Give more value than you are charging for and you will automatically become a very rich person.

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