How To Write A Book -- 3 Tips To Making Writing Your Book Easy

Writing a book and beginning a career in writing can be a daunting task. How do you get started? How do you stay motivated, on track, and focused? Here are three rock solid tips to make sure that writing your book is easy and painless:

Book Marketing -- 3 Tips To Effective Book Marketing

Book marketing is the key to how successful your book will be. It begins before you ever set a word on the page and it never ends. Each new edition or new product will be tied to your first book. That being said, here are three tips to effective book marketing:

Learn How To Write A Book And Publish It Quickly A Three Step Formula For Success

It is important when writing a book to remember that a book doesn't have to be 300 pages long. Many successful book and e-book writing careers began with a short 40 -- 100 page book. That being said here's how to write a book and publish it quickly in three simple steps.

Promote A Book -- How To Promote A Book Successfully

Book promotion can be an intimidating concept. So intimidating that some authors decide to hire experts to handle the task for them. That can be an expensive and unsuccessful route to take. Here are three tools to promote a book successfully, all by yourself!

Make Money Writing -- 3 Secrets To Making Your Writing Make Money

For most it isn't easy to make money writing but with a well defined niche and the following three secrets to make money with your writing; you'll be well on your way to a lucrative writing career.

Become An Author- Three Tips To Starting A Career In Writing And Becoming An Author

So you want to become an author, great. What's stopping you? Time, money, focus, motivation, no direction, no idea how to get started? I'm just mentioning these because they're the most common reasons why people don't attain their writing and publishing goals. Tired of waiting for your dreams to come true?

Book Expert Marketing -- 3 Tips To Market Your Book Like An Expert

For many, the idea of a career in writing and self publishing seems easy and straightforward until they consider how to market their book. Information marketing is a skill for sure but there are many tips that you can use to help you market your book like an expert.

Become Writer -- 3 Tips to Become a Writer Today

The dream to become a writer is shared by many but accomplished by few. Why? Because people let time, motivation, and simple organization tasks get in their way. Here are three tips to get past those hurdles and become a writer today!

How To Self Publish A Book For Free

Publishing and printing your book can cost a bit of money up front. In fact, depending on how you choose to print your book it can cost you anywhere from $3 to $10 per book. Imagine if you could get the cost of printing covered!

Internet Book Marketing -- 3 Tools To Make Marketing Your Book Online Easy

No longer the wave of the future, internet book marketing is an absolute necessity if you want to sell your book. Fortunately, there are many tools available to those interested in self publishing and marketing their book.

3 Secrets To Getting Rave Reviews -- Learn How To Get Reviews That Will Launch You To Bestseller Stardom

Reviews are the "proof" that your book is worth the asking price.  Proving your credibility, reviews can make or break you as a successful bookseller.  Here are three great secrets to getting rave reviews.

POD Demystified. Learn the difference between Publish on Demand, Print on Demand, and Vanity Publishing.

You say the word POD to some folks and they wrinkle their nose.  Why?  There is a long standing bias against Vanity publishing and along the way the term POD and vanity publishing became intertwined. 

Let Them Judge Your Book By Its Cover. Why Your Book Cover Is 50% Of The Sale.

You can have the absolute best book on the planet.  It can solve the world's problems and provide the secret to life but if no one notices it, it won't do anyone, including you, any good. 

5 Secrets To Writing A Book In 1 Week.

You know that writing a book can further your career, your life, and your financial situation.  The hurdle many people have to overcome is actually getting the book written.  They just don't have the time.  Well, believe it or not, it is possible to write a book in a week. 

Here are three secrets to getting it done!

The Difference Between Plagiarism And Copyright Infringement. Learn How To Avoid Both And Protect Your Professional Reputation.

When collecting material for your book, it can be easy to forget to properly protect yourself against plagiarism accusations and copyright infringement issues.

Plagiarism occurs when you use someone else's words without giving credit to the original author.  If this happens you may have to deal with costly lawsuits and the crumbling of your professional reputation.  It has become such a problem that many companies have stepped up to offer plagiarism or copyright infringement software to validate published materials. 

3 Critical Steps To Finding The Perfect Book Topic.

Step #1 Write what you know
This, I believe, is the strongest determiner for a topic and for the potential success of your book.  Writing is about sharing knowledge and passions.  If you're an expert on something, then you should share it with the world. 

Writing a Book. How to Create Miracles in Your Life

There are of course, hundreds if not thousands of reasons to write a book and I have no doubt that you have a book inside of you just begging to be released.  Here are three amazing benefits to releasing that book and setting it free for others to enjoy and learn from.

Write Yourself Rich in Information Marketing

Your book is done.  It's published.  You've listed it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You've established a website and you're all ready to make tons of money, expand your horizons and opportunities, and reach the goals that you have established for your life. 

Self Publish For Profits. 3 Secrets Publishers Don't Want You to Know

Secret #1 Royalties won't make you rich.

Generally speaking, hardcover books pay royalty rates of 10% on the first one to 250,000 copies sold.  So if your book has a cover price of $25.00, then you will earn a $2.50 royalty on every copy sold, up to 250,000 copies. 

10 Reasons You Must Write Your Own Book

What do you want to write about?  Is it fiction or non-fiction?  How long have you been pondering putting pen to paper?

No matter what you're writing about or how long it's been forming in your mind, today is the day to get started!

Writing your own book will change your life.