Bob Burnham

Bob started his carpet cleaning business in 1976 and quickly built it to 26 locations across Canada. By the time he was 30 years old he had 600 full and part time employees and did over 6 million dollars in annual sales. Bob sold all the locations across Canada and retained only the British Columbia locations, which were expanded into Flood and Fire restoration and are still operating successfully today.

Through both the marketing of his fire and flood companies and franchising Bob has developed many marketing strategies that have propelled profits both for his own businesses and many other who have come to him for help.

Bob spends tens of thousand each year on seminars, CDs and is a voracious reader to help both his companies and others achieve massive success. Many of the people he has worked with have had success on many levels due to Bob's keen sense of identifying the hidden opportunities in their businesses.

Jeff McCallum

Jeff has had massive success in the Fire and Flood restoration industry over the past decade. He has been able to live the ultimate lifestyle of running a hugely successful business and much of the time only working a few hours per week in his operation.

Many so called business Guru's talk about working on your business rather than in it but few have been able to truly achieve it and make it work like Jeff has. Jeff has the ultimate systems for customer services that has his customers do his advertising for him. Jeff's business has grown exponentially each year and he is recognized leader for many of his forward thinking customer service concepts.

Jeff says that when your customers promote the business for you your life just gets easier each year. For the past several years Jeff has been focused on Internet marketing and has developed many marketing strategies that can propel any business to more success and all on autopilot.